شنبه 23 آذر 1398


نچرال رد 25 گرمی مرک

نچرال رد 25 گرمی مرک کد 101369

جهت دریافت قیمت با شماره تلفن 22755049 تماس حاصل فرمائید

Catalogue Number 101369
Product Information
CAS number 553-24-2
EC number 209-035-8
Hill Formula C₁₅H₁₇ClN₄
Molar Mass 288.78 g/mol
HS Code 3204 13 00
Structure formula Image
Physicochemical Information
pH value 3.1 (10 g/l, H₂O, 20 °C)
Bulk density 350 - 500 kg/m³
Solubility 50 g/l (25 °C)
Safety Information according to GHS
Storage class 10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
WGK WGK 2 water endangering
Disposal 3
Relatively unreactive organic reagents should be collected in container A. If halogenated, they should be collected in container B. For solid residues use container C.

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