شنبه 2 آذر 1398


قیمت کارتریجهای میلیپور

لیست قیمت کارتریجهای شرکت مرک میلیپور

جهت دریافت موجودی و قیمت با شماره تلفن 22755049 تماس حاصل فرمائید

DescriptionPkCat. No.Price
EDS-Pak cartridge installation and conditioning kit1171-0244 £127.00
Cartridge RO Pretreatment 1, final filter, Millipak-401171-0678 £156.00
LC-Pak for the production 500 l of ultrapure water for organic traces analysis, recommended in trace sensitive applications such as UPLC or LC-MS1171-0333 £514.00
Osmosis cartridge1172-5088 £684.00
Progard® T3 Pack for reverse osmosis protection1171-0555 £346.00
Progard cartridge1171-0378 £372.00
Progard S2 pretreatment pack + vent filter for 30 l tank1171-0590 £491.00
Purification Pack (DI feed), QPAK 21172-5063 £777.00
Purification Pack (DI feed water), Q-Gard 21171-0674 £299.00
Purification Pack (DI feed with high silt), Q-Gard 31MILLQGARD00D3 £320.00
Purification Pack (Elix RO distilled feed), Q-Gard 11171-0675 £299.00
Purification Pack Kit (DI feed), QPAK 2 (1 Purification Pack and 1 Millipak-Final Filter)1172-5062 £819.00
Purification pack SmartPak™1171-0128 £529.00
Purification pack SmartPak™ DQ31MILLSPR0LSIA1 £513.00
Q-Gard® T1 Purification Pack (Elix® RO distilled feed)1172-0010 £413.00
Q-Gard® T2 Purification Pack (DI feed water) 1172-0011 £413.00
Q-Gard® T3 Purification Pack (DI feed with high silt)1171-0591 £413.00
Q-PAK® TEX polishing cartridge1171-0556 £369.00
Q-PAK TIX1171-0664 £369.00
Quantum® TEX cartridge 1172-0012 £362.00
Quantum® TIX cartridge 1171-0096 £362.00
Quantum EX (Orange resin) with Millipak-Express1171-0676 £538.00
Quantum EX ultrapurification cartridge with Millipak final filter1172-5068 £538.00
RO membrane2172-5089 £1,310.00
Smartpak DQ8 purification pack1MILLSPR08SIA1 £702.00
Start-up kit cartridge1171-0641 £107.00
VOC-Pak for the production of 300 l of VOC-free water1171-0592 £297.00

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