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Automatic Titrator

HIRANUMA Automatic Titrator COM-300A

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HIRANUMA Automatic Titrator COM-300A The Total Solution for All Your Titration Needs...
Looking for a titrator that is reliable and simple to operate yet expandable and upgradeable? The COM-300A titrator from AQUACOUNTER offers the Total Solution - the features you asked for at a price you can afford.
Think you'll need more later?
No problem. The COM-300A can be upgraded to fit your growing demands. Of course, we're also the leading manufacturer of other titration products you've come to depend on in your lab, such as Karl Fischer titrators. But, we have so much more to offer you than just great titrators - experience the Total Solution!
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  • All components are integrated in a small footprint of 31 cm (W) x 27 cm (D).
  • Saves valuable bench space.
  • Performs acid/base, redox, precipitation and complexometric titrations.
  • Combining optional KF kit, performs Karl Fischer moisture determination.
  • A wide selection of electrodes
  • 30 user defined methods plus 3 KF methods can be stored in memory and easily recalled according to samples.
  • Up to 50 results with titration curve can be stored with statistics calculation.
  • Equipped with two RS-232C ports for balance and computer connection.
  • Standard package includes AQUANet data download software, instruction movie, application guidebook and more.


Item Specifications
Titration process Standard:Potentiometric titration
Optional:Photometric titration, Volumetric Karl-Fischer titration
Measuring Range pH: 0 to 14, Resolution 0.01pH
mV: -2000 to +2000mV, Resolution 0.1mV
Electrode Inputs Indicator electrode: 1
Reference electrode: 1
Thermistor electrode: 1
KF electrode: 1
Titration steps Up to three(3) steps
Number of Endpoints Up to two(2) points
End point detection Automatic detection by:
-Inflection point
-Set point
-F Cross point
-B Cross point
Display screen 2-lines by 16 digits with backlit LCD
Display unit pH, mV, mgH2O, %, ppm, M, g/L, mg/g, Fact1, Fact2
pH calibration 2 or 3 points (compliant to ASTM or other standard buffers)
File function 30 files for potentiometric titrations
3 files for Karl-Fischer titrations
10 files for titration control methods
Calculation function Concentration calculation, Statistics calculation
Memory data capacity 50 titration results along with titration curves and parameters and via external computer
Precautions against power failure Built-in backup battery
Electrodes (Standard component) · GE-101B Glass electrode
· RE-201 Reference electrode
· TE-401 Thermistor electrode
Buret Capacity: 20mL, Minimum drop size: 0.01mL
Reproducibility: within ±0.01 mL
Tubing PTFE tube of 2mm(ID) and 3mm(OD)
Switching Valve Automatic switching valve with ceramic joint.
Stirrer Integrated, variable speed, magnetic stirrer
Printers Optional thermal printer; PR-2000T2(PRINTY3), Optional impact printer; PR-302B(CBM-910-40PF)
External input / output RS-232C; 2 ports
Port 1 (BALANCE):For connection to electronic balance.
Port 2 (HOST):For connection to external computer.
Power supply / Power consumption AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 100VA
Dimensions / Weight 310 (W) x 270 (D) x 310 (H)mm
Approx. 7kg


Photometric Detection Unit M-530
Thermal Printer PR-2000T2 Paper width:80mm
Dot Impact Printer PR-302B Paper width:58mm
Buret B-130
Stirrer K-2000A2S
Karl Fischer Titration Kit

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