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Karl Fischer Titrators

Karl Fischer Titrators (KAFI)

Karl Fischer Titrators (KAFI) The moisture determination is considered to be a frequently performed task in the laboratories across the world. So it can be said that is not a surprising act that the water directly influences the quality, shelf life, process-ability as well as stability of different range of products. Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator is among the finest quality volumetric titrators and is acknowledged for offering latest microcontroller technology integrated with advanced engineering techniques in order to enhance accuracy and reproducibility.

The KF Moisture Titrator makes use of highly sensitive and motorized dispensing system backed with precise control over titrant volumes. Further, the system is a fantastic analyser for concentration moisture such as –
  • Liquid samples
  • Fine particles powder
  • Fiber samples that can be easily soluble in alcohol or any other solvents

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