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هموژنایزر مدل SR30

هموژنایزر مدل SR30 ساخت کمپانی MTOPS کره جنوبی

قيمت:   3,440,000 تومان 

هموژنایزر مدل SR30 ساخت کمپانی MTOPS کره جنوبی

هموژنایزر مدل SR30 ساخت کمپانی MTOPS کره جنوبی

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Homogeneous rotor/stator type and possible to do quick Homogeneous and dispersion High quality tools dispersed durability (Stainless steel 316L)
Easy to change various rotor and stator by a driver only     what you want to use  Sample inserted into the rotor inside is circulated repeatedly through the narrow slit between rotor and stator, and emulsified, homogenized, mixed and pulverized thru dispersion by strong rotor
Easy to stick and take off for cleaning
    * Fixing clamp(option)
Model SR30
Motor(input/output) 670/340W
Working capacity 10~2000ml
Speed range 3700~27000rpm
Speed adjustment stepless
Speed display scale
Dimensions (W×D×H) 75×75×255mm
Weight 1.9Kg
Electrical supply AC 220V 50/60Hz
Price (Set)  
※ Note : set ⇒ Homogenizer(SR30) + Tool(Ø20 standard ) + Stand(PS80) + Clamp(CH320)
Model Shaft Ø Price
T8SF Ø8mm  
T10SF Ø10mm  
T20SC, T20CC, T20MC Ø20mm  
T20SF, T20CF, T20MF, T20EF  
T30SC, T30CC, T30MC Ø30mm  
T30SF, T30CF, T30MF, T30EF  
Rotor Ø20mm (Only)  
Rotor Ø30mm (Only)

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