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Paint drying ovens, LUT 6050/LUT 6050 F

Supplier: Thermo Scientific

The LUT ovens are designed for drying paint and other coatings where solvents in the air can form explosive atmospheres, where there is a restriction on the maximum quantity of solvent. The LUT 6050 F is for installation in areas subject to fire hazards, e.g. where laquers are handled. The inner chamber and all fittings are made of 1,4301 stainless steel, and insulating materials are free of surface active substances (no silicone is used). The formation of vapour pockets is avoided by a well directed air supply system, fresh air is filtered and pre-heated before it enters the chamber, a radial fan ensures the heated fresh air and solvent vapours mix efficiently.

  • Kelvitron® t microprocessor temperature controller
  • Temperature limit cut-out protects both oven and its load from fires
  • Optical and acoustic alarms
  • Ventillation of chamber before heating, controlled air circulation and exhaust air
  • Digital temperature setting and readjustable door
IP Protection Class according to DIN EN 40050 Part 1: IP 22 (LUT 6050), IP 54 (LUT 6050 F)

Both models comply with DIN EN 1539

* Note: pure flammable solvent (calculated in accordance with EN 1539)

Ordering information: Supplied with two chrome plated wire mesh shelves shelves and a stainless steel drip tray.
Description Pk VWR Catalog Number Price Quantity

LUT 6050 1 466-2510 £6,510.00

LUT 6050 F 1 466-2520 £7,160.00

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