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Vacuum ovens, Vacutherm® series

Supplier: Thermo Scientific

Vacuum drying ovens with stainless steel chambers, vacuum fittings, tubing and ball valve. Units are designed for gentle drying of heat sensitive samples and have adjustable temperature limit protection, protection Class 2 (DIN 12880, Part 1). All models have DN 25 access port in the rear wall (except VT 6025), analogue pressure display and two different ventilation valves for rapid or precise gentle ventilation of the chamber, (VT 6025 has only rapid valve as standard). All models feature inert gas connection for controlled atmosphere use (except VT 6025). BL models have a double pane door made of safety glass, permanent ventilation of the control panel via two independently operated fans to prevent solvent leakage and pressure related activation of heating elements at \<80 mbar.

  • M models with jacketed heating have maximum temperature of 200 °C, heat transfer is from vacuum chamber via shelves to the load
  • P models with shelf heating have maximum temperature of 300 °C. The shelves incorporate heating coils so heat is transferred directly to the load
  • Rapid heat up times and up to 6 times quicker process times compared to standard drying methods for P models
  • Kelvitron® microprocessor temperature controller provides digital display of set or actual reading for jacket heated models, and shelf heated units have a Digicon® multi-channel controller
  • BL models for safe drying of samples containing flammable solvents have a forced release of inert gas system which prevents formation of explosive mixtures in the chamber in the event of leakage
IP protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 20

Delivery information: Supplied with shelves. Factory fitted options, such as timers, controllers and RS232 interface are available on request; please contact your local VWR sales office for further details.

Description Pk VWR Catalog Number Price Quantity

VT 6025 with jacketed heating 1 466-2700 £3,710.00

VT 6060 M with jacketed heating 1 466-2710 £5,970.00

VT 6130 M with jacketed heating 1 466-2720 £8,590.00

VT 6060 P with shelf heating 1 466-2730 £9,160.00

VT 6130 P with shelf heating 1 466-2740 £13,850.00

VT 6060 M-BL with jacketed heating, for flammable solvents 1 466-1107 £8,700.00

VT 6130 M-BL with jacketed heating, for flammable solvents 1 466-1108 £11,080.00

VT 6060 P-BL with shelf heating, for flammable solvents 1 466-1109 £12,140.00

VT 6130 P-BL with shelf heating, for flammable solvents 1 466-2741 £15,690.00

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