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Heating Mantles
COMPANY : Electrothermal, England.


-Vented case creates a unique air flow which allows housing to be safe 
 to the touch when in use.
-Outer housing is constructed of chemical resistant and resilient  polypropylene minimizing damages from spillage.
Element temperature range from ambient to 4500C.
-The coiled heating elements is suspended within a thermal insulating
 cartridge to provide maximum heat transfer and support.
-The flexible heating element ensure minimum risk of flask breakage.
-Heating cartridge can be quickly and simply replaced.
-Above all this features the built-in temperature controller and grounding 
-A clear "Heater On" light indicates when power is being supplied to the 
-Amber colored "Power On" light indicates when the power switch is 
 turned on.


Technical Details :
Som Code  1883/250   1883/500   1883/1000   1884/1000    1883/2000   1883/ 5000 
 Model  EM0250/C   EM0500/C   EM1000/C  EMX1000/SCE  EM2000/CE   EM5000/CE 
 Volts ( v )  220  220   220  230 220  220
 Watts ( w )  150  200  300  240 500  300+500
 Capacity ( ml )  250  200  300  500 to 1000ml 2000  5000
 Dimension ( WxHxD) cm   25.4x12.7x17.5   31.0x14.5x23.8   31.0x14.5x23.8   310x238x150   40.0x19.0x35.0   40.0x19.0x35.0 

Heating Mantles
COMPANY : Thermolyne, U.S.A.

Eight Sizes from 50-5000 ml, Temperature range to 4820C(9000F)

Featured :
- Fiberglass-insulated heating jackets specifically designed for heating 
  round-bottomed flask.
- Available in eight different sizes.
Size and power capacity to meet any flask heating requirement from 
50 ml to 5000 ml.
- Unique heating mantle designed directs heat to flask contents while the 
  exterior case remains cool enough to rest on the lab bench.

Operation :
- Heating elements are located close to the cavity surface for maximum 
  heat transfer.
- Maximum operating
temperature, 4820C (9000F).

Ordering Details for Heating Mantles :

 Som code   1883/6   1883/8  1883/10
 Model  HM0250-VF2   HM0500-VF2   HM1000-VF2 
 Size (ml)  250  500  1000
 Volts (V)  220  220  220
 Watts  143  210  377
 Dimension WxDxH (cm)   15x15x8.9  17x17x9.5  18.5x18.5x10.2 

Note : Mantles are supplied without control and require external 
          temperature control to prevent damage to mantle.

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