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HP 5890, sold as refurbished

The HP 5890 Gas Chromatograph

Scientific Equipment Source carries the Hewlett Packard 5890A and 5890 series II gas chromatographs. The 5890 series GC is one of the most widely used and reliable GC’s still in today’s laboratory. From the basic system with manual pneumatics and manual injection to electronic pressure control pneumatics and automatic sampling systems this GC can be fully customized to your application. They are many options to make this the exact system you need.

We stock all the options and accessories to get your system ready fast.We also service your existing GC’s and we carry a hugh stock of parts to do this.The 5890 is an excellent gas chromatograph at a lower price than the 6890. This gives you great performance on a smaller budget.

Some of the main features the system may include are:

  • Digital display of set points and actuals
  • Can be compatible with chemstation
  • 5 heated zones
  • Time table operation
  • Built in stop watch
  • Diagnostic function
  • Store and recall set points
  • 4 external event controls
  • Analog output
  • Electronic pressure control option
  • 3 ramp oven programming
  • Power failure recovery

Heres some of the available options





Packed Inlet


Split/Splitless Inlet


Temperature Programmable On-Column Inlet


Packed Inlet with EPC (Series II with 039 option required)


Split/Splitless Inlet w/EPC (Series II with 039 option required)


Temperature Programmable On-Column Inlet with EPC (Series II with 039 option required)




#211 Flame Ionization Detector (FID)


Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)


Electron Capture Detector (Series I) (ECD)


Electron Capture Detector (Series II) (ECD)


Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)


Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector (NPD)


Analog Input PCA






INET Communications


Dual Channel INET Communications


RS-232 Communications


INET Communications with 82169A Converter


HP-IB Communications


Flow and Pressure Control




Two Channel Electronic Flow Sensing


Six Channel EPC Option


General Purpose EPC Module


Set of Three Mini Regulators mounted inside side panel


Cryogenic Oven Control


Cryogenic Oven Control


CO 2 Cryo Control


N 2 Cryo Control


Valve Options


18900F Heated Valve Oven


Installation / Automation 1-valve


Installation / Automation 2-valves


Installation / Automation 3-valves


Installation / Automation 4-valves


6-port Valve


10-port Valve


Custom Plumbed


Liquid Sampling Valve, 0.2uL, 1000psi, 75C


Liquid Sampling Valve, 0.5uL, 1000psi, 75C


Liquid Sampling Valve, 1.0uL, 1000psi, 75C


Liquid Sampling Valve, 0.5uL, 5000psi, ambient






Series I to Series II (Serial numbers <2908Axxxxx)


Series I to Series II (Serial numbers >2908Axxxxx)


Six Channel EPC Option Upgrade (Series II only)


Upgrade #107 S/S to #110 EPC Style (Series II and 039 required)


HP-IB Communications




There are many detectors which can be used in gas chromatography. Different detectors will give different types of selectivity. A non-selective detector responds to all compounds except the carrier gas, a selective detector responds to a range of compounds with a common physical or chemical property and a specific detector responds to a single chemical compound. Detectors can also be grouped into concentration dependant detectors and mass flow dependant detectors. The signal from a concentration dependant detector is related to the concentration of solute in the detector, and does not usually destroy the sample Dilution of with make-up gas will lower the detectors response. Mass flow dependant detectors usually destroy the sample, and the signal is related to the rate at which solute molecules enter the detector. The response of a mass flow dependant detector is unaffected by make-up gas. Have a look at this tabular summary of common GC detectors:


Detector Type Support gases Selectivity
Flame ionization (FID) Mass flow Hydrogen and air Most organic cpds.
Thermal conductivity (TCD) Concentration Reference Universal
Electron capture (ECD) Concentration Make-up Halides, nitrates, nitriles, peroxides, anhydrides, organometallics
Nitrogen-phosphorus Mass flow Hydrogen and air Nitrogen, phosphorus
Flame photometric (FPD) Mass flow Hydrogen and air possibly oxygen Sulphur, phosphorus, tin, boron, arsenic, germanium, selenium, chromium
Photo-ionization (PID) Concentration Make-up Aliphatics, aromatics, ketones, esters, aldehydes, amines, heterocyclics, organosulphurs, some organometallics
Hall electrolytic conductivity Mass flow Hydrogen, oxygen Halide, nitrogen, nitrosamine, sulphur

Agilent 6890, sold as refurbished

The Agilent 6890N is one of the best gas chromatograph available today giving excellent performance for all applications. It uses advanced electronic pneumatics control (EPC) modules and extremely accurate temperature control. Each EPC unit is optimized for its intended use. Overall thermal performance provides optimal chromatography including peak symmetry, retention time repeatability, and retention index accuracy, while allowing for fast GC. The combination of precise pneumatic control and accurate temperature control leads to outstanding retention time repeatability, the basis for all chromatographic measurement.

At SE Source we offer high quality refurbished and new instruments for a fraction of the price you pay for new and we give you a warranty that is as long as the new manufacturers warranty.

Some of the KEY FEATURES of the 6890 include:

Wide selection of detectors including flame ionization detector (FID), thermal conductivity detector (TCD), electron capture detector (ECD), photo ionization detector (PID), flame photometric detector (FPD), and others.

Selection of inlets, split/splitless (0-100 psi and 0-150 psi), purged-packed, cool on-column, PTV, and volatiles interface

Selection of sample introduction techniques, including manual injection, autosampler, headspace, purge and trap, and sampling valves

World famous performance for retention time and quantitation repeatability because of the electronic pneumatics control (EPC)

Early maintenance feedback (EMF) alerts you when maintenance is due--in enough time to take action without losing uptime

Built-in regulatory compliance

Some of the KEY APPLICATIONS include:

research laboratories, hydrocarbon processing, food safety, pesticide determination, chemical analysis, biodiesel, drug screening, toxicology, law enforcement, environmental, just to name a few.

GC System can include:

    • Autosampler
    • Computer with ChemStation
    • single injector single detector
    • dual injector dual detector
    • HPIB communications
    • Data Integrator
    • Autosampler 7673C
    • Autosampler 7683
    • Printer

Let us know how we can help you. We can provide custom systems, installation, training and more.

Varian GC/MS, saturn 4D

The GCMS instrument is made up of two parts. The gas chromatography (GC) portion separates the chemical mixture into pulses of pure chemicals and the mass spectrometer (MS) identifies and quantifies the chemicals.

The GC separates chemicals based on their volatility, or ease with which they evaporate into a gas. It is similar to a running race where a group of people begin at the starting line, but as the race proceeds, the runners separate based on their speed. The chemicals in the mixture separate based on their volatility. In general, small molecules travel more quickly than larger molecules.

The MS is used to identify chemicals based on their structure.Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) is one of the so-called hyphenated analytical techniques. As the name implies, it is actually two techniques that are combined to form a single method of analyzing mixtures of chemicals. Gas chromatography separates the components of a mixture and mass spectroscopy characterizes each of the components individually. By combining the two techniques, an analytical chemist can both qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate a solution containing a number of chemicals.

The uses for GC-MS are numerous. They are used extensively in the medical, pharmacological, environmental, and law enforcement fields.


Environmental Monitoring and Cleanup GC-MS is becoming the tool of choice for tracking organic pollutants in the environment. The cost of GC-MS equipment has fallen significantly, and the reliability has increased at the same time, which has contributed to its increased adoption in environmental studies as cost is always a major consideration in this kind of work. There are some compounds for which GC-MS is not sufficiently sensitive, including certain pesticides and herbicides, but for most organic analysis of environmental samples, including many major classes of pesticides, it is very sensitive and effective. lcmS

Criminal Forensics GC-MS can analyze the particles from a human body in order to help link a criminal to a crime. The analysis of fire debris using GC-MS is well established, and there is even an established American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) standard for fire debris analysis.

Law Enforcement GC-MS is increasingly used for detection of illegal narcotic, and may eventually supplant drug-sniffing dogs. It is also commonly used in forensic toxicology to find drugs and/or poisons in biological specimens of suspects, victims, or the deceased.

Security A post-September 11 development, explosive detection systems have become a part of all US airports. These systems run on a host of technologies, many of them based on GC-MS. There are only three manufacturers certified by the FAA to provide these systems,[citation needed] one of which is Thermo Detection (formerly Thermedics), which produces the EGIS, a GC-MS-based line of explosives detectors. The other two manufacturers are Barringer Technologies, now owned by Smith's Detection Systems and Ion Track Instruments, part of General Electric Infrastructure Security Systems.

Food, Beverage and Perfume Analysis Foods and beverages contain numerous aroma compounds, some naturally present in the raw materials and some forming during processing. GC-MS is extensively used for the analysis of these compounds which include esters, fatty acids, alcohols, aldehydes, terpenes etc. It is also used to detect and measure contaminants from spoilage or adulteration which may be harmful and which is often controlled by governmental agencies, for example pesticides.

Astrochemistry Several GC-MS have left earth. Two were brought to Mars by the Viking program. Venera 11 and 12 and Pioneer Venus analysed the atmosphere of Venus with GC-MS. The Huygens probe of the Cassini-Huygens mission landed one GC-MS on Saturn's largest moon, Titan. The material in the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko will be analysed by the Rosetta mission with a chiral GC-MS in 2014.

Medicine In combination with isotopic labeling of metabolic compounds, the GC-MS is used for determining metabolic activity. Most applications are based on the use of 13C as the labeling and the measurement of 13C/12C ratios with an isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS); an MS with a detector designed to measure a few select ions and return values as ratios.

Refurbished Varian 3400 or sold as is.

Varian 3400 GC

Varian 3400 accommodates standard and capillary injectors and the 8035 autosampler for automated operation. Two ionization detectors or one TCD may be installed. The column oven accepts packed or fused silica capillary columns.

On board computer guides you through operation via the on line display and the self-diagnostic capability allows you to test instrument condition and to detect and identify faulty circuits. In addition, continuous testing is done by the instrument to detect possible electronic failures. If such failures are found, protective action is automatically taken and you are notified via the display.

Many detectors are available but the most common are FID and TCD. Also a wide selection of injectors are available with the most common being split Splitless, packed and on-column.

Suggested two most popular configurations;

    • Varian 3400 GC single injector single detector
    • Varian 3400 GC dual injector dual detector

Options for Varian GC's

    • 8100 Autosampler
    • 8200 Autosampler

We stock a wide range of parts for the Varian 3400. Here are just a few of them:

  • Packed injector 3400 03-917175-00
  • CPU circuit board IBDH W/COIN BATTERY 8200 03-925367-31
  • CPU circuit board W/4 AA BATTERY IBDH 03-917770-00
  • CPU circuit board W/COIN BATTERY 8200 IBDH SRAM 03-917950-00
  • Keyboard overlay 03-917914-00
  • Analog signal cable 03-917852-00
  • Generic input cable 03-917850-00
  • Generic output cable 03-917849-00
  • Digital flow controller element 03-908511-00
  • FID/PID Electrometer circuit board 03-917704-00 (705,706,707)
  • FID/PID/TSD Electrometer circuit board 03-917704-01
  • GC Accessory kit 03-908401-90
  • Heater & Probe for detector oven 120v 03-917857-00
  • Heater & Probe for detector oven 220v 03-917858-00
  • Filter for back pressure regulator 03-917134-02
  • Septum purge needle valve, field kit 03-918532-90
  • Switch pad for membrane keyboard 03-917803-00
  • Temperature control circuit board 03-918624-02
  • Temperature control board 03-917712-00, 03-917713-00, 03-917714-00
  • TCD control board 0 03-917734-00
  • Power supply 03-917720-00
  • S I/O (serial) 03-917742-00, 03-917743-00, 03-917744-00, 03-917745-00
  • Cable for S I/O
  • Signal probe 02-001873-00
  • Ignitor probe 02-001872-00
  • EXTERNAL EVENTS 03-918427-00
  • COLUMN OVEN FAN MOTOR KIT 03-917821-90
  • Step motor control 03-917380-00, 03-917377-00

GC Autosampler



For the HP 5890 and 5890 series II we carry: Auto sampler 7673A including injection tower, 100 sample tray, and controller set up on inet or HPIB communications, including cables and cords.

Auto sampler 7673B including injection tower, 100 sample tray, and controller set up on inet or HPIB communications, including cables and cords

Mounting bracket and all service parts are usually in stock as well.

The HP 7694 Headspace Autosampler. Eliminates sample preparation by letting you introduce volatile components automatically from virtually any sample matrix directly into a GC

For the Agilent 6890 we carry: Auto sampler 7673C including injection tower, 100 sample tray and controller set up on HPIB communications, including cables and cords.

Mounting bracket and all service parts are usually in stock as well.

Auto sampler 7683 including tower, sample tray, controller, mounting bracket and cables and cords

The HP 7694 Headspace Autosampler. Eliminates sample preparation by letting you introduce volatile components automatically from virtually any sample matrix directly into a GC

More details on the Agilent (HP) 7694 Headspace autosampler.

HEADSPACE The HP 7694 Headspace Autosampler. Eliminates sample preparation by letting you introduce volatile components automatically from virtually any sample matrix directly into a GC. A low-volume, highly inert, heated volatiles interface is optimized for headspace-GC analysis, preventing sample loss or degradation and reducing carryover. This 7694 Headspace Sampler integrates seamlessly with HP GCs. Features a highly inert path from the vial to the GC column head to prevent sample absorption, improve peak shape, maintain sample integrity, and enhance sensitivity; an automated 44-sample tray; ease of use; constant heating time; overlapping sample processing; automatic parameter increments for easy method development; up to 10 headspace extractions per vial; and two levels of vial agitation

FOR THE VARIAN GAS CHROMATOGRAPH FOR THE VARIAN 3400 GC 8100 Autosampler including tower with sample tray, cables and cords. Mounting bracket is available extra. 8200 Autosampler including tower with sample tray, cables and cords. Mounting bracket is available extra.


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