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دستگاه FTIR

M500 Quick-Scan Infrared Spectrophotometer

Detailed Product Information

The M500 uses a high energy optical design and a sensitive DLATGS detector for excellent resolution over the full infrared range. Maximum performance is achieved with a fast scanning mechanism that is completely microprocessor driven.

Every unit is manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. The straight forward mechanical and optical design has a reputation for low maintenance and is easily serviceable with quality affordable parts. The system is intrinsically rugged and perform well in even the harshest environments.

The M500 is the easiest IR spectrophotometer to operate and maintain. Single button controls set all instrument parameters for operation and rapid data collection. Advanced self-help menus are user friendly even on complex applications. The unit does not require purge of moisture and CO2 prior to use, allowing for fast and easy sample analysis.

The M500 is the most cost effective infrared system available anywhere. Turn-key systems start at under $10K, half the cost of any other equivalent systems! The rugged design and quick serviceability result in long term cost savings for your laboratory.

Infrared Accessories

Full range of solid, liquid, and gas sampling accessories to maximize the flexibility of the M500. Begin with a complete starter kit or select from our wide section of infrared windows, sealed cells, film plates, gas cells, film plates, and KBr die sets. Single and multi-reflectance ATR benches are available for more advanced sample requirements.

The M500 takes full advantage of the powerful GRAMS™ software. This industry standard spectroscopy package provides the user with comprehensive instrument control, data manipulation, and library search capabilities.


GRAMS™ for the M500 adds powerful data manipulation and spectral search capabilities in a Windows environment. The software can acquire, view, process, and organize data directly from the M500. GRAMS™ has the fastest and highest quality graphics available in analytical software. Data processing capabilities are fast and accurate, providing reliable results for all calculations.

Dynamic data Exchange (DDE) allows data to be imported directly from the M500 or from other Windows applications such as spreadsheets. Graphics can also be placed with just a simple point and click of the mouse.

The search module displays chemical structures and supports searching chemical/physical properties contained in third party spectral libraries.

Report Generation provides powerful viewing and printing of search results. A hit report with up to 300 hits can be generated for each search. The search is automatically saved to a disk and linked with the unknown spectrum. Search results are viewed in tabular form along with the unknown and library spectra. The spectra can be stacked, overlaid, and zoomed to view detailed features.

Libraries from Thermo Galactic™, and custom libraries can be easily created. Parameters for spectral range, unit type, and resolution can also be set by each user. A unique "clone" feature makes all the libraries created by the user consistent. When new spectra are added to a library, the data is automatically converted to conform with the library format.


FTIR spectrophotometer, Nicolet Instruments Magna-IR 550

Nicolet Magna-IR 550 spectrometer is capable of up to 0.125 cm-1 resolution. The spectrometer is designed for mid-spectral range coverage. Spectra can be collected and summed at a rate of up to 20 scans per second. The bench is controlled via Nicolets’s Omnic software with a full diagnostics analysis system. The source is a tungsten-halogen source. A variable-diameter aperture is used to achieve the maximum spectral resolution. The detector/beamsplitter combination is a DTGS-KBr providing a spectral range of 4000-400 cm-1. The bench is continuously purged with dry air reduced CO and moister from a Balston Filter Products 75-20 dry air system. A Harrick Reflection Adsorption attachment allows analysis of monolayer films (RA-FT-IR) and a Harrick Attenuated Total Reflectance attachment allows multiple pass surface analysis at varied sampling depths using a range of angled Ge crystals.

Refurbished, Infrared Spectrophotometer, Perkin Elemr 1310

This is a Perkin Elmer 1310 Infrared Spectrophotometer. Automatic-recording, double-beam, optical null instrument which features microprocessor-controlled abscissa functions, a DC wedge/pen servo mechanism, a four-digit frequency readout, and a touch-control panel. The monochromator, photometer and electronics compartment houses the grating monochromator, the detector, and the associated electronics. The source compartment contains the source, the power supply and the fuses.

  • Abscissa Range 4000 - 600 cm-1
  • Abscissa Accuracy: 4000 - 2000 cm-1: ±6 cm-1 ; 2000 - 600 cm-1: ±3 cm-1
  • Abscissa Expansion x0.5, x1, x5
  • Ordinate Accuracy ±2 T
  • Ordinate Repeatability within 0.75 T100
  • Line Flatness ±3 T
  • Signal/Noise Better than 100:1
  • Resolution (Narrow Slit Program) 3 cm-1 at 1000 cm-15 cm-1 at 3000 cm-1
  • Stray Light < 1T (4000 - 450 cm-1)< 2T (450 - 250 cm-1)< 3T (250 - 200 cm-1)
  • Time Drive 0.5, 1 and 5 cm/min

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