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ICP/MS PlasmaQuad 2, priced to sell

This has just been removed from lab in great working condition and it has been under a preventative maintenance contract since it was purchased new. Unit includes the neslab cooling system, computer and software to run the system and the manuals. This unit is in great shape. It is priced to sell, it can be sold as is or with warranty, training and maintenance. A unit like this cost over $ 50 000, it is sold for a fraction of the price.

It is great for school or university or just for new startup lab with law budget. If you buy as is, we can sell it for $5000. We have only missing a few accessories, glassware for collecting samples. This will have to be bought separately (from manufacturer or other supplier) if you buy as is.


Installation, and training are available at extra cost.

VG PlasmaQuad 2 is a second generation Inductivity Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer and the latest in family of ICP-MS instruments, which encompass the entry-level genesis and the multicollector P54. Like its predecessor, the VG PlasmaQuad 3 offers unrivalled performance and flexibility, but also incorporates novel and innovative design features which make it both and incredibly powerful analytical instrument while being easy to use.

Hardware· Detection The detector is a unit, which is sensitive to charged species. Ions, which hit the surface of the detector, release electrons, which cascade down the body of the unit releasing more. The result is for a single ion hitting the top of the detector; a relatively large number of electrons are released from the bottom as a pulse. These pulses of electrons can be counted individually or can be integrated with time such that electrical currents created by the flow of electrons can be measured.· Filtering The mass filter, a quadrupole in the VG PlasmaQuad 2, sorts the ions according to mass to charge ratio, only allowing specific masses to be transmitted to detector.· Focusing Once in the high vacuum region of the mass spectrometer, the sample ions are accelerated and focused into mass filter by a set of charged plates or ion lenses. These lenses consist of stainless steel plates or tubes with precise and controllable DC voltage, which attract or repel the sample ion beam. Sampling The ions are introduced into a mass spectrometer via a pressure interface. The interface operates at a low pressure, usually maintained by a mechanical rotary pump, and is water-cooled to prevent the high temperature source damaging components. Ionisation Samples are sprayed into high temperature inductively coupled argon plasma. In the high temperature of the plasma, the samples are atomized and ionized.SoftwareThe PlasmaLab software suite has been designed in such a way that the user, whether experienced or inexperienced is presented with all the information required to make appropriate decisions on how to control the ICP-MS and collect or manipulate the data for reporting electronically or by printing. The instrument itself communicates to the software through the ICP Spectrometer Control Service, which is accessed through the icon on the start bar. All of the data is stored in a database. The database contains all information related to the experiment.

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