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nullMaterial typeApplications
Type 111Cellulose acetate hydrophilic, autoclavableIdeal for biological and clinical analysis, sterility tests and scintillation measurements. Very low protein binding capacity, suitable for aqueous, alcoholic media and hot gases. Can be sterilised by all methods.
Type 113Cellulose nitrate hydrophilic, autoclavableFor sample pretreatment, particle testing and chemotaxis. Sterilisation by all methods.
Type 118PTFE hydrophobic, autoclavableFor filtration of air, gases, solvents and acids. Sterilisation by autoclaving or ethylene oxide.
Type 184Regenerated cellulose hydrophilic, autoclavableFor filtration of organic solvents. Suitable for particle removal from aqueous solutions and solvents. Low adsorption. Sterilisation by all methods.
Type 250Hydrophilic polyamide, autoclavableFor the filtration of alkaline solutions and organic solvents.

Pore size0.45 µm0.2 µm8 µm3 µm1.2 µm0.8 µm0.65 µm0.45 µm5 µm1.2 µm0.45 µm0.2 µm5 µm0.45 µm0.2 µm0.45 µm0.2 µm
Thickness120 µm130 µmnull80 μm65 µm100 µm160 - 200 µm125 µm
Water flow rate69 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)25 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)750 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)430 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)320 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)200 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)130 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)69 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)570 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)null28 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)16 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)>26 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)>12 ml/min/cm² (1 bar)
Air flow ratenull1.6 l/min/cm² (0.05 bar)0.3 l/min/cm² (0.05 bar)0.2 l/min/cm² (0.05 bar)4 l/min/cm² (0.05 bar)null
Max. temperature (°C)180130145200145200145180null

TypePore sizeØPkCat. No.PriceQuantity
1110,2 µm13 mm100512-4118£63.30
1110,2 µm25 mm100512-4218£79.60
1110,2* µm47 mm100512-4863£121.00
1110,2 µm47 mm100512-4318£107.00
1110,45* µm47 mm100611-0668£121.00
1110,2 µm50 mm100512-4418£115.00
1110,2 µm142 mm100611-0673£521.00
1110,45 µm25 mm100512-4216£79.60
1110,45 µm50 mm100512-4416£115.00
1110,45 µm85 mm100611-0670£367.00
1110,45 µm142 mm25512-4616£139.00
1130,45 µm25 mm100512-5216£75.50
1130,45 µm47 mm100512-5316£89.80
1130,45 µm85 mm100611-0677£347.00
1130,45 µm100 mm25512-5516£125.00
1130,45 µm142 mm25512-5616£134.00
1130,45* µm47 mm100611-0675£102.00
1130,65 µm50 mm100512-5415£147.00
1130,8 µm47 mm100512-5314£137.00
1130,8 µm50 mm100512-5414£147.00
1131,2 µm50 mm100512-5413£145.00
1133 µm50 mm100512-5412£145.00
1135 µm50 mm100512-5411£187.00
1138 µm50 mm100512-5410£145.00
1180,2 µm25 mm100512-8218£271.00
1180,2 µm47 mm100512-8318£341.00
1180,2 µm50 mm100512-8418£343.00
1180,2 µm100 mm25512-8518£331.00
1180,45 µm25 mm100512-8216£271.00
1180,45 µm47 mm100512-8316£341.00
1180,45 µm50 mm100512-8416£343.00
1180,45 µm100 mm25512-8516£331.00
1181,2 µm13 mm100512-8113£270.00
1181,2 µm25 mm100512-8213£319.00
1181,2 µm50 mm100512-8413£403.00
1185 µm47 mm100512-8311£397.00
1185 µm50 mm100512-8411£403.00
1840,2 µm13 mm100512-6118£107.00
1840,2 µm47 mm100512-6318£179.00
1840,2 µm50 mm100512-6418£181.00
1840,2 µm100 mm25512-6518£124.00
1840,2 µm142 mm25512-6618£242.00
1840,45 µm13 mm100512-6116£107.00
1840,45 µm47 mm100512-6316£179.00
1840,45 µm50 mm100512-6416£181.00
1840,45 µm100 mm25512-6516£124.00
1840,45 µm142 mm25512-6616£242.00
2500,2 µm25 mm100611-0723£81.60
2500,2 µm47 mm100611-0724£115.00
2500,45 µm25 mm100611-0721£81.60
2500,45 µm47 mm100611-0722£115.00

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