Cytomat™ 2C-LIN Automated Incubator
Unsurpassed temperature uniformity and stability ensure that your processes can be fully reproduced, providing you with the same high quality results every time. Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat 2 C-LIN series of incubators provide stable, homogeneous temperature, humidity and CO2 conditions for optimal assay storage. Recovery times are virtually eliminated and assay variance is minimized. With an installation distance of two meters, the external heating and cooling unit is designed to allow the user to create a customized working space for easy system integration into any automated assay system.
فروشنده: آزمیران
گارانتی اصالت و سلامت کالا
پشتیبانی ۷ روز هفته ۲۴ ساعته
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