Biochrom EZ Read 800 ELISA Code: MIC6140

The EZ Read 800 is a fast and accurate microplate reader that is an ideal choice to keep up with a heavy workload in a busy high-throughput laboratory. The EZ Read 800 microplate readers are PC-controlled using new, intuitive Galapagos software. EZ Read 800 comes in two applications focused models: the EZ Read 800 ELISA is a dedicated ELISA reader, the EZ Read 800 Research offers versatility by extending its applications capacity to measuring total protein and cell proliferation assays in additional to ELISA assays.

  • PC-controlled multi-channel Microplate reader supplied with 4 or 6 filters (405, 450, 492, 620 nm) that cover common absorbance assays• For fast plate reading of standard ANSI SBS footprint 96-well, flat, round and v-bottomed plates• Four shaking modes for mixing of solutions and the ability to perform readings at timed intervals ideal for kinetic assays• Designed for ELISA’s, enzyme immunoassays, protein quantitation (BCA, Lowry, Bradford), cell proliferation, and cell survival assays• Can also be used for cell based assays where shaking is required to keep cells in suspension, enzyme kinetic assays, and high throughput assays where rapid plate reading is required• Supplied with standard Galapagos for EZ Read PC Software for control of the instrument and data analysis' for further analysis

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